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l’Etat libre d’orange— that’s the name of the boutique in my building, just 5 floors below my apartment.  I don’t know why, but before today, I never ventured inside, though my interest was definitely piqued by the poster on the window advertising a perfume called Fat Electrician.  I knew right away that this was no ordinary parfumerie.

fat electrician

fat electrician by l'etat libre d'orange

Today i finally decided to check it out and see what the store had to offer besides semi-offensive stereotype scents (i was hoping Fat Electrician didn’t really smell like a, you know, fat electrician).  Once inside, I felt like I was in a modern seductress’ boudoir– black laquered bookshelves containing books of all sexual fantasies, replete with pictures of course, magenta pink ottomans and light jazzy samba music in the background with a suggestive, sweet scent in the air.  now i know that it was no accident the proprietors chose to house their wares at 69 rue des archives. 😉

The lovely salesgirl explained to me that l’etat libre d’orange is made up of independent creators of perfumes who wanted to let their imaginations run wild.  They didn’t want to be harnessed by societal conventions and expectations, as evidenced simply by the names with which they’ve christened their perfumes.  In addition to Fat Electrician, there’s also Putain des Palaces

putain des palaces

putain des palaces- that keyhole looks suspiciously like something else...

(hotel slut), Je suis un homme (i’m a man), and probably the most suggestive of them all, Secretions Magnifiques (magnificent secretions…yes, you read right.)  Obviously, this is not exactly the type of perfume you would get your grandma, unless of course, she’s the cool, hip grandma-type.  The type that wouldn’t take offense to a perfume called Don’t get me wrong baby, I don’t swallow, for example.  Personally, I think my favorite is Putain des Palaces.  It’s a feminine scent with hints of rose, violet, amber, ginger, and rice powder, among other things.

So the next time someone tells me that I smell good and asks me what I’m wearing, I’m pretty sure they’ll never expect to hear, “Hotel Slut, actually” as my reply.  And I’ll just simply smile and walk away, leaving them in a state of olefactory confusion. 🙂

If you want to read more about it, check out their website (sorry anglophones, it’s in french): http://www.etatlibredorange.com


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So there’s this fad in Paris called a ‘Concept’ store, which I think is pretty cool. It’s basically a store that sells a smorgasbord of goodies~ from clothing, to furniture, housewares, books, etc. from a mix of different brands that cater to specific sets of clientele. It’s like a one-stop shop for the modern, savvy, life-of-lux customer, a Wal-Mart of sorts for the rich and avantgarde.

merci, a charitable concept store

merci, a charitable concept store

Anyhoo, I finally went to check out one such place called Merci, conveniently located in my arrondissement.  The proprietors of Merci are also the ones behind the high-end children’s clothing brand, Bonpoint, except with Merci, they’ve decided to go charity instead of monetary.  All the brands represented at Merci have ceded their profit margin, and a good percentage of the sales go towards various charities.

Shopping for a cause~ what a lovely idea!

i want this couch!

if i could only make one purchase at merci, it would be this oh-so-comfortable couch. Love the color too!

painter's corner

don't know if i would wear floral landscape jeans, but props to the artist for a cool concept.

There was an ‘artists’ corner’ where the landscape on the canvas was also painted onto some jeans, and a really neat-looking chandelier.

chic chandelier

chic chandelier

All in all, merci was a fun concept store, i’m definitely diggin’ the idea.  for a list of concept stores around the world,  check out this blog: http://slowretailen.wordpress.com/concept-stores/

’til next time!

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