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…yes, i’ve cheated on Paris with Geneva.  before i go on, my apologies for taking a hiatus from blogging (not that i’m an avid blogger to begin with, but you know).  i had to take a break for personal reasons, but it’s a new year, and hopefully i get back into the blogging mood.

anyhoo, onto geneva. for valentine’s day, my honey and i took a weekend trip to geneva, switzerland, a first for both of us.  we arrived quite late that friday night, thanks to easyjet’s delays, but once we checked in and got to our room, i was immediately comforted by the giant bed that awaited.  some of you might

LOVED this bed~!

LOVED this bed~!

find it weird, but i put a high premium on a great bed. i think it started when i was 12 years old, and hung out constantly in my room. my bed was my sanctuary- i did homework there, ate there, slept there, talked on the phone while i was in bed, read, etc. it was my homebase, and even to this day, i still do all those things in bed (except for homework, thank God i’m past that stage in life).  judging from our gorgeous room and heavenly bed, this mini-vacay was off to a good start.

on saturday we explored the city.  geneva’s a fairly small city so everything was walking distance and we basically ate our way through the city.  for lunch we had awesome chicken at this restaurant called chez ma cousine– a no-frills, only-chicken-on-the-menu kinda place-i highly recommend.  then after a few hours of wandering about, we stopped in at this cute little tea salon called, la théière qui rit, or en anglais, the laughing teapot.  super cute and cozy, a perfect pit stop in between walking jaunts.the laughing teapot i had the special of the day: thé d’amour (no doubt, in honor of valentine’s day), and it was one of the best teas i’ve ever had.  couple that with a hot scone, hand-whipped cream and apricot jam, and it was the perfect afternoon snack.

after walking around some more, we decided to head back to the hotel to unwind for a bit. for dinner, i picked this korean restaurant that had a nice write-up on www.spottedbylocals.com. when we finally get to the restaurant, it’s closed! so then we spontaneously decide to go to this authentic-looking italian restaurant down the block from it, which turned out to be the best decision ever. carlos and i order handmade foccacia as a starter, white wine and seafood risotto for two. when the foccacia ran out, we didn’t even have to ask, and a new basket appeared at our table. throughout our dinner, waiters were singing and dancing-literally, and shouting back and forth to each other in italian like one big happy family.  then after carlos ate every last morcel of risotto on his plate (and it was a giant serving!), our waitress comes by and asks him if he wants more..more! yes, ladies and gents, she actually offered to give him a second helping- totally on the house.  both carlos and i were surprised at this unusual gesture of generosity, and for the first time since i think, ever, carlos actually said no (i did mention the giant serving- it practically took up the entire plate).  needless to say, carlos said to me over and over again, “the best italian food i’ve ever had..incredible..incredible” and while i can’t wholly agree with him (i’ve had shrimp risotto in sorrento- and that was the best italian meal i’ve ever had), i whole-heartedly agree that it was an excellent meal indeed.

gastronomically, it was safe to say that geneva had won me over… hey, sometimes the best way to a woman‘s heart is through her stomach too! 😛


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so far i’ve discovered my vices in paris are not much different from those in nyc, except for maybe nutella.

top 5 things i can’t live without, in do-0r-die order:

1. nutella– this yummy hazelnut chocolate spread was first introduced into my life in 7th grade french class. we’ve had an on-again off-again love affair ever since, and now i’m afraid it’s nearing obsession.

2. starbucks– when i studied here in fall ’04, there were exactlystarbucks1 4 starbucks in all of paris, and i had been to all of them. thanks to globalization, there are now too many to count.

3. my laptop– do i really need to explain this one?

4. burt’s bees chapstick– every time i put it on, carlos thinks i’m chewing some minty fresh gum, and my lips are saying thank you. thanks for saving my lips from chappiness, burt.

5. colbie caillat– i discovered her when i was still in the throes of myspace, and saw her in concert twice before she came out with her first record and became insta-famous.  i just love her sunny tunes, raspy voice, and sweet love longs. a little bit of california sunshine in the heart of paris.

a few of my favorite things

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