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AAAAAgggrrhhhhh~~~!  Is October really almost over?!  Jeez!  I’ve been such a bad blogger this month, neglecting to update or write- so sorry!  I have no excuses other than that I started French classes with the Sorbonne a few weeks ago, which has been a welcome addition to my day.  Re-living the student life isn’t so bad at all 😛

Anyhoo, I guess I should do a bit of a recap of this month.  The first Saturday of October was La Nuit Blanche, literally translated as “Sleepless Night”.  It was a concept dreamed up and first executed in 2002, as a way to celebrate art and ‘bringing it within everyone’s reach’.  From 7 pm-dawn, Parisians swarm the streets in an all-out, all-nighter celebration.  Everything from museums to art galleries and shops are open later, and most events and exhibitions are free.

An awesome capture of some of the gang. Carlos looks so sinister! In the background, Hotel de Ville.

An awesome capture of some of the gang. Carlos looks so sinister! In the background, Hotel de Ville.

It sounds really cool, doesn’t it, art for everyone?  Well, cool in concept, not cool when it takes you an hour to walk what usually takes 20 min. because the sidewalks are so crowded you can barely move.  Way not cool when you see passed-out, drunken teenagers sprawled across the pavement, with their faces inches away from their own vomit, or empty beer cans/bottles still in hand.  And where were their friends, you ask? Off to continue celebrating, or staring dumbly down at them unable to react or move.  **Sigh**

Anyhoo, we decided to see the main exhibit this year, which was the giant, suspended-from-a-crane disco ball in the middle of Luxembourg Gardens.  It was supposedly the largest (suspended) ball in the world, so we thought, why not go see it?  We like big balls, don’t we? 😛


And the cost of seeing this giant disco ball up-close and personal?  More than an hour of waiting in line.  Non, merci.  So instead, I attempted to take a picture of the big ball with my camera aloft, suspended over people’s heads.  I managed a decent, but not great shot..owell.

there wasn't even music~!

there wasn't even music~!

To sum up, La Nuit Blanche means over a million people out in the streets like it’s New Year’s Eve, except the big ball doesn’t include a countdown, or a new year.

What can I say, the French have their own way of doing things sometimes…


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